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VIOFO Benelux

VIOFO T130 3CH Dashcam

VIOFO T130 3CH Dashcam

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The Viofo T130 Dashcam really has everything a modern dashcam should have. Superior IR night vision for example. The Viofo T130 also has an indoor camera that rotates from left to right. The 2K front is one of the strong points of the Viofo T130 Dashcams. Just like the FHD inside and the FHD rear. The camera features the highly regarded Nice Voice notification system. The camera also has an emergency lock and a super capacitor.

Take advantage of the built-in WiFi connection of the Viofo T130 Dashcam

Of course, the Viofo T130 camera has a built-in WiFi connection and the camera is also suitable for a 256 GB microSD card. The speed, location and time registration are always perfectly displayed using GPS. The wide angle is also impressive with an angle of 140 degrees at the front, 166 degrees inside and 165 degrees at the rear.

Significantly improves safety

The three-channel dashcam from Viofo is like no other dashcam capable of significantly improving both visibility and safety. With the help of the high-quality cameras, the complete road situation at both the front and the rear of the car is emphatically recorded. The Viofo dashcam has a circular polarizing lens, which is optional and not included as standard. This lens is able to significantly reduce reflections and glare from both the windows and the road surface. As a result, there is always clear image quality. All in all a very versatile and complete dashcam

Specifications of the Viofo T130 Dashcam

  • Indoor camera rotating left to right
  • Superior IR Night Vision
  • Has an emergency lock
  • With built-in WiFi connection
  • Speed, location and time registration using GPS

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