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VIOFO dashcams for taxi and transport companies

The taxi and transport industry is changing rapidly. New technologies are disrupting traditional ways of working. New businesses and startups are competing with self-propelled cars, cheaper taxis and other ways to transport loads. At the same time, drivers face many challenges:

  • Busy roads
  • Disputes between passengers and drivers
  • Accidents

To meet these new challenges, it is essential that vehicles and their drivers are optimally protected so that they can carry out their work efficiently and safely.

Dashcams for taxis and transport companies provide an effective deterrent against driver abuse, false claims in accidents and even as evidence. Dashcams monitor the road, front and rear, and when possible even the situation in the car or truck.

Dashcams for taxi and transport companies

The indoor images are especially important for taxis as they continuously record how drivers and passengers behave. These images can help resolve disputes about payment, destinations, routes or damage. The presence of a camera will also prevent verbal and physical attacks on drivers.

From the driver's perspective, the purpose of a dash camera is to protect in the event of an accident. The dashcam records everything in front of and behind the car. This evidence can be used to prove that the incident was not your fault. In a case where no dashcam is used, it is often your word against the word of the other driver.

GPS paired dash cameras support taxi and transport companies in even more sophisticated ways: access to real-time engine and vehicle data enables fleet managers to watch in real time. Driving too fast, too aggressive or on the wrong route? Thanks to a dashcam, you are always up to date. This GPS data can also be viewed retrospectively, for example to see how fast and where the vehicle drove at any given time in the past.

VIOFO offers business customers the opportunity to place business orders, at an advantageous price. Feel free to call or email us for more information or special requests.

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  • Peter Vis Transport

"We are very satisfied with the use of the VIOFO itself, the men can handle it well and have a very clear view. A second SD card in the truck is useful in case of a collision. "

  • Taxibedrijf van Alebeek B.V.

"We currently have all our 38 vehicles equipped with it. And they have been running smoothly since they were purchased. Excellent equipment with a good price/quality ratio. Image quality is not on max with us (we want to be able to record 10-15 hours on the current SD card) but even then the image is very good! Nothing wrong with that. I think we earned them all back in about six months. Every now and then it is very nice to have images for a claim."