About us

In August 2016, we, Rico and Berend van den Brink, first started with Techpunt. Since then we have brought a variety of quality products to the Netherlands, with a focus on Xiaomi products. We ship these products at the lowest price in the Netherlands from our warehouse in Barneveld. 

We were also brought into contact with VIOFO via TechPunt. We have therefore been selling VIOFO products since mid-2017, where we started with the A119 V1 and the A119S dash cams. 

VIOFO is an action camera and dash cam company from Shenzhen (China) that combines design with innovation to bring performance-oriented products to the market.
VIOFO was founded in 2011 by the two brothers Bill and Leo Zhou and has been active all these years in optimizing the production and distribution of their dash cams and action cameras. 

At TechPunt we started selling VIOFO in 2017. Since then we have lgradually expanded the VIOFO range to the complete range. After many positive experiences from customers, we traveled to China in 2019 to visit the VIOFO factory and office there. We have made agreements with VIOFO to take over the distribution and sale of VIOFO dashcams in the Benelux. In doing so, we are currently the only official distributor for VIOFO in the Benelux.

At TechPunt and VIOFO, price/quality and correct customer service are central. TechPunt/VIOFO Benelux now consists of a total of 18 people, each with their own expertise. The reviews show that this formula works! 

What benefits does this bring for our customers?

  • A central point of contact for all VIOFO purchases within the Benelux
  • An extensive range of new accessories
  • The same low prices, but now with free shipping (from 50 euros) and free returns.
  • 2 year warranty on all purchases
  • Focus on customer contact, with a response always within 24 hours
  • Possibility to call directly with questions

Are you already convinced? View the range here!