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VIOFO Benelux

Viofo CPL-200 Filter

Viofo CPL-200 Filter

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The highest possible video quality for your dash camera? You guarantee this thanks to a Polarizing Filter. The CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) filter makes videos look sharper by reducing glare and reflections on the windshield. Polarizing filters can also increase color depth and quality, making dashcam videos look even sharper.

These filters work ideally in unfavorable lighting conditions. For example, when the sun is high and causes reflection. When you record videos through the glass of a windscreen, you will regularly notice reflections. To reduce this effect, the VIOFO polarizing filter can reduce this glare to capture important details, such as a number plate. Thanks to the CPL Filter you capture the very best video quality!

Perfect to use in combination with all VIOFO dashcams

The VIOFO CPL Filter can be used for the following VIOFO dashcams:

A CPL Filter is a lens that you can place over the existing dashcam lens to reduce glare and reflection, which significantly improves video quality. Did you know that a CPL Filter works in the same way as polarized sunglasses?
The VIOFO CPL Filter is easy to slide off the camera if necessary, for example at times when there are not many annoying light sources on the road.

Use the VIOFO CPL filter to protect the lens against interfering light and disturbing reflections. The  filter ensures a better color reproduction of the recorded images, useful in the event of an accident or theft!

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