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VIOFO Benelux

VIOFO A139 Pro 1CH

VIOFO A139 Pro 1CH

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Having a dash cam can bring you many benefits and also save you headaches! With a dashcam you can find out exactly what really happened after a traffic accident by viewing the video images. You may also want to record what happens to your car in a parking lot. Then a dashcam is also ideal. However, choosing the perfect dash cam is not always easy. Fortunately, we have the solution for you: the VIOFO A139 Pro 1CH!

This 4K dash cam is powerful enough to outshine most dash cam competitors with vastly improved image clarity and license plate capture accuracy. This camera packs a lot of features into a small package. Time-lapse recording condenses footage to reduce storage needs. Furthermore, all recorded videos contain ride data such as time, speed and location thanks to the built-in GPS.

In addition, the VIOFO A139 Pro 1CH  is very user-friendly thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. The camera is easy to operate remotely and all images can be viewed and downloaded on your mobile using the VIOFO app. The A139 Pro also uses voice notifications, supports multiple languages and clearly warns you in the event of changes to the settings or errors on the memory card. So that you can fully concentrate on the road.

Unique properties

Night vision has always been an issue with all dash cams. But this is highly optimized in the A139 Pro. The image sensor brings in more light under the same illumination level. The 4K technology balances dark and bright images to accurately restore details recorded at night. Super sharp images, even at night!

An improved Wi-Fi connection is built into the A139 Pro for 4 times faster data transfer. This makes it easy to watch, download and share videos. Furthermore, the A139 Pro is equipped with a 300° rotatable lens. The 4k camera lens on the front can be rotated 300° degrees, allowing an optimal viewing angle in multiple positions.

  • Integrated GPS.
  • 4K HDR Image sharpness.
  • Bluetooth remote control.
  • Circular polarizing lens (CPL) filter.
  • STARVIS 2-technology.

Order the VIOFO A139 Pro 1CH directly online! Ordered on working days before 20:00 = delivered the next working day.

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