Featured: The best motorcycle dashcam of 2022, the VIOFO MT1

With the VIOFO MT1, you can record the most beautiful images of your late summer motorcycle ride!

There's nothing like cruising on your motorcycle in the sun. With a number of beautiful sunny late summer days ahead of you, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air on the motor. To make it even more fun and even safer, you can now record all the footage of your rides with the VIOFO MT1 Dual Channel motorcycle dashcam. This way you can easily provide evidence after an accident, but of course you can also view and download all the beautiful images that have been recorded.

The VIOFO MT1 motorcycle dashcam is water resistant and fits almost every motorcycle. This way you can use the dashcam without worries during an unexpected rain shower. In addition, the MT1 is also sand and dust resistant, which means that going off-road is no problem at all. If you go out in the autumn, the MT1 can also continue to serve you.

Did you know that the VIOFO MT1 was one of the first motorcycle dashcams on the market and is still one of the few of high quality?

What makes the VIOFO MT1 so special?

This motorcycle dashcam is easy to connect to the constant 12V network of your motorcycle. As a result, the MT1 always turns on and off automatically when you start or turn off the engine. After installation, you don't have to worry about the dashcam anymore. Thanks to the built-in G-sensor, the motorcycle dashcam even automatically records images when a collision occurs. These images are securely stored on the SD card (supplied). The dashcam is also equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can immediately review all images in the handy VIOFO app.

In terms of quality, nothing beats the VIOFO MT1. The motorcycle dashcam records in an extremely wide angle of 170 degrees at the front and back. This means that you record images almost entirely around your motorcycle. The quality of the images themselves is also excellent. Your MT1 records in Full HD 1080P, which is incredibly sharp for a motorcycle dashcam!

Order your VIOFO MT1 motorcycle dashcam today here and start recording all your rides starting tomorrow!

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