VIOFO T130, the ideal taxi / Uber dashcam!

T130VIOFO's latest 3-camera dashcam is specially designed for taxis and Ubers. The most special thing about this dashcam is the 2K front camera and the 1080P 30fps rear and interior camera, with which you can record everything sharply, even in the dark, thanks to the built-in IR lighting. This can have a positive effect on your safety as a driver, because you always have images of what is happening in your taxi or Uber. What else makes this camera so special?

Compact and handy design
The interior camera of the T130 dashcam is built into the same module as the front camera. This makes installation much easier, as it requires less cabling than other 3 channel dashcams. Thanks to the mini format of the main camera, it can be nicely hidden behind the rear-view mirror.

Adjustable interior camera
If you prefer to point the lens of the interior camera at the window of the driver's side, that is also possible! The interior camera's lens can rotate 90 degrees, allowing it to record the driver's side as well. This way you can make images with one simple turn when you are stopped or when someone makes contact with you through the window. Ideal for your taxi or Uber!

Super Infrared Night Vision
The VIOFO T130 dashcam uses the Omnivision Nyxel Interior Image Sensor, which features Nyxel® NIR technology. Thanks to this improved technology, the T130 can realize a sharper nighttime image!

Advanced parking mode
The T130 supports three advanced parking modes: Auto Event Detection, Timelapse, and Low Bitrate Recording. With this function, the T130 can easily save all images recorded while your car is parked.

To ensure that the dashcam has continuous power to support parking mode when the ignition is off, we recommend that you Viofo HK4 hardwire kit to use.

Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, images can easily be viewed via the handy VIOFO app. If something significant has happened during a ride, the images can always be easily saved from the app in between. In addition, the dashcam also has a standard GPS mount that can be clicked off the dashcam, so that you can use it in multiple cars. With the GPS module, your location and speed are stored under the images.

Optional accessories

T130 Optional Accessoires

In short, are you looking for a dashcam that makes razor-sharp images both outside and inside your taxi or Uber, then the VIOFO T130 is the best option!

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