VIOFO CPL Filter, a must-have for your VIOFO dashcam!

Do you already use a CPL filter for your VIOFO dashcam?

The CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) protects the dashcam lens from fingerprints, scratches and dirt. It also reduces reflections and glare from glass and from metal or shiny wet surfaces that can damage the quality of the video. It even reduces reflections from the sun on the images!

Use the CPL filter to make the quality of the recordings even better than they already are! Did you know that the CPL filter for the A129 is suitable for both the front and rear camera?

The image below shows the difference that a CPL filter makes on images that are affected by glare from the sun.

VIOFO CPL compare

At the moment there are two different CPL filters available for the VIOFO Dashcams.

The CPL below can be used for the VIOFO A119 and A129 dashcams

The second CPL shown below can be used with the VIOFO A139 and T130 dashcams.

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