VIOFO Benelux at the motorcycle fair!

Anyone who thinks that VIOFO dashcams are only suitable for cars is wrong. Most dashcams are also suitable for vans, campers and even trucks. However, there is one other type of vehicle that even has a special dashcam, the motorcycle! VIOFO has also had a VIOFO MT1 motorcycle dashcam in its range for a few years now. What makes this dashcam better than an actioncam and what other advantages can the motorcycle dashcam have? You can read it in this blog!

VIOFO MT1 Motor dashcam

The VIOFO MT1 is unique of its kind, as there are still few motorcycle dashcams on the market. Car dashcams have already made their debut throughout Europe and are now a valuable addition to many cars. Motorcycle dashcams have also started to rise and are a nice alternative to the actioncams that are now often used.

The biggest advantage is that you make the VIOFO MT1 part of your motorcycle. Once the dashcam and the modules that come with it are installed, you no longer have to work on it. You do not have to charge the dashcam, as you do with an action cam. The motorcycle dashcam is connected to the battery of your motorcycle, which means that the standard turns on and off at the same time as the motorcycle itself. This makes it an incredibly convenient plug-and-play system.

In our other blog we discuss the modules, installation and operation of the VIOFO MT1 motorcycle dashcam in more detail.

Unique Product

It is a fact that the MOTORBeurs was a success. However, what struck us most is how unique the MT1 is. People come and have a chat because it looked interesting. Some had already heard of a motorcycle dashcam and others had no idea. However, this made no difference. As soon as we explained how the dashcam was put together and how it worked, we continued to surprise people. This mainly applies to the specifications, but people also noticed the low price. 

This year we were the only ones to offer a great solution for riders who want to record their rides. Whether it is for safety or to experience the beautiful parts of a motorcycle ride. We have been able to explain to many people the advantages compared to an action camera for the helmet!

Entitlement to the grant

 We have now been in the Netherlands with our dashcams for 7 years, but it was our first time participating in a trade fair. Yet many people already knew where to find us, because they already have a VIOFO car dash cam. We had many nice conversations, heard positive experiences and also points that we as VIOFO can work on. 

The most striking was a motorcyclist who had already installed our MT1 on his motorcycle and had already had an accident with it. After the accident it was not clear who was at fault until the man sent the images to the police. For example, a dashcam is a small investment for something that you can easily provide proof of later. 

When we look back on the fair, we can say that it was a wonderful experience. We have worked hard on a beautiful stand, in order to stand out among all the giant stands of the motorcycle brands. We were able to make our story clear with a handy video explaining our product, a test setup and a motorcycle on which the dashcam was mounted. We had a great time here for four days and we hope to be able to do this again next year!

Motor Show 2025

Thanks to the good experience at the 2024 motorcycle fair, we will certainly be present again in 2025. This year was an attempt for us that was very successful. 

So if you are curious whether an MT1 suits your motorcycle and has added value, then be sure to visit us at the motorcycle fair in 2025! If you cannot wait, you can always contact us at or 0342-239900.

VIOFO Benelux

VIOFO Benelux is the official distributor of the high-quality VIOFO dashcams in the Benelux. In addition, we are now active throughout Europe. For years, our dashcams have been tested best by various major test platforms such as Dashcamtalk. The VIOFO dashcams are characterized by high quality video resolution, discreet design and premium smart functions. View our complete range now here !

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