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Many people are looking for a good quality 3CH dashcam, so that they can record everything in and around the car. That is why VIOFO recently launched the VIOFO A139 3CH 2K dashcam. With various advanced functions, this dashcam is almost immediately one of the better on the market.

BlackboxMycar  did an in-depth review on this, check it out now via the following link:

Here are the main features mentioned in the video:  

Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor This sensor is in all three cameras. The sensor ensures a brilliant video quality equal to the previous models, both during the day and at night.
6 Built-in infrared lamps in the camera lens on the inside for excellent images at night.
CPL filter included. To be used on the front camera to avoid reflection from the windshield and to reduce overexposure in the video.
Type-C USB Car Charger. This new USB type is being used more and more and is now preferred by users.
Thin coaxial cables. They are lighter and more flexible than previous cables, making for easier installation and making your car look neater.
Voice prompts. You don't have to take your eyes off the road as the notifications are spoken by the dashcam itself.
Built-in Dual Band Wi-Fi. This provides you with a highly efficient download speed of up to 8MB/S through 5GHz Wi-Fi, quickly transferring the videos to the VIOFO app on your phone.
Support for VIOFO SOS button. Fix this button in a place that you can easily reach while driving and save interesting or important moments with a simple click.
Extended range of the rotatable lens. This gives you more forward visibility and more flexibility in positioning your dashcam in a convenient location.
Advanced Parking Mode. This feature helps drivers to retain complete evidence while parking.


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