Update your dashcam with the latest VIOFO firmware!

The most recent VIOFO firmware update for your dashcam is now always here can be downloaded from VIOFO Benelux! 

The importance of the right firmware

It is important to install the latest firmware on your VIOFO dashcam as this often fixes the most common bugs. By updating the dashcam firmware, all current functions will continue to work as they should. Of course, VIOFO is also always working to improve the dashcams. A firmware update sometimes also brings useful new functions, which make the dashcam just a little better than it already is!

By updating the VIOFO firmware, you ensure that your dashcam will always work without problems.

How do I update the latest firmware on my VIOFO dashcam?

  1. Use a memory card (up to 128GB memory card recommended) and format it on the camera or computer to FAT32.
  2. Copy the necessary file to the root of the card. (Parallel to the DCIM map)
  3. Turn on the camera. The REC light will blink when it is updating.
  4. The bin file is automatically deleted after the update.

For all firmware update files, click here!

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