How do you switch an A139 dashcam to Wi-Fi Station Mode with the App?

With the Wi-Fi station mode you can connect the A139 dashcams to your own Wi-Fi.
This makes it possible to browse and download the recorded files using a computer/mobile browser that connects to the same Wi-Fi network. In addition, you can also play a live view stream with a media player such as VLC.

Below is a step-by-step plan to set this up correctly:
1. Turn on the dashcam and press and hold the rightmost button for a few seconds to turn on the dashcam's Wi-Fi.
2. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and connect it to the Wi-Fi of the dashcam (VIOFO-A139-xxxxx).
3. Open the VIOFO app and connect the dashcam, stop recording and go to settings.
4. Search for “Wi-FI Station Configuration”. (see image below)

5. Enter the home network Wi-Fi SSID name and Wi-Fi password and press OK. (see image above) Then press the Wi-Fi button on the dashcam for a few seconds to turn off the Wi-Fi.
6. Stop recording and press and hold the REC and Wi-Fi buttons to enable the Wi-Fi Station Mode. The audio prompt "Wi-Fi Station Mode Enabled" will then be heard.
7. When the camera has successfully connected to the network, you will hear the audio prompt "Wi-Fi Connected". There is no screen for the A139, you can connect the camera to the TV via an AV out cable to check the dashcam IP address, or try to find the IP address on your wireless router.
8. Open the camera files and stream with IP address as in the following example.

8.1 Use a Computer browser to download the camera files: Open the browser and enter the IP.

8.2 Use VLC to play the live stream. Enter rtsp: // (dashcam's IP address) /

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