A dashcam for safety.

You can install a dashcam in your vehicle for various reasons. When you travel, it is fun to record beautiful images in the car or on your motorcycle. However, a dashcam can also be used as a safety accessory in a car. This is one of the most common reasons. For example, in most countries you can use the images recorded by your dashcam as evidence in, for example, a lawsuit or insurance matter. You can read whether this also applies to your country in our other blog about the legality of dashcams in Europe.

Insurance issue or lawsuit

Do you already use a dashcam? If you answer yes to this, you can be sure that you will feel safer getting into the car than people who do not yet have a dashcam. Various dashcams have the option to record from the front and behind the car. With the wide viewing angle of the VIOFO dashcams, you have a view of most of the area around the car. This means that you always have proof if a car hits you from the front, rear or side. These images can be of great importance in an insurance matter or a lawsuit. This way it is no longer always your word against the word of the perpetrator, but you can prove your point with the images that have been recorded. With almost all VIOFO dashcams you even have the option to read the images via the 2.4 GHz or 2.5GHz Wi-Fi of the dashcam on site via the VIOFO app. This means that the images that are important cannot simply be overwritten. If you use the GPS module, your speed and location are also immediately noted below the images. This feature is easy to disable.

Damage during parking

Even when you're not driving, a dashcam is your best friend in the car. You hear it more and more often that cars are scratched or damaged in some other way while parking. An unpleasant surprise if you find your car the next day with damage for which you cannot identify anyone at fault. If you connect your dashcam to the car battery with a Hardwire Kit, you can also use the parking mode which is present on all VIOFO dashcams.

The parking mode ensures that the dashcam records as soon as it detects movement in front of or behind the car, even if the car is turned off. The car's battery supplies the dashcam with power at that moment, so it records for a minute each time. The length of the video can be adjusted via the VIOFO app. If someone scratches your car, you always have a face to the action. You can pass this on to your insurer so that you have proof that the damage was caused by someone else.

Did you know that the dashcam never drains the battery of your car? There is a cut-off system on the Hardwire Kit, which means that it always switches off when the car battery falls below a certain voltage. This can be adjusted on the module of the Hardwire Kit. If you are parked for a long time, or if your car is on a busy street, it is always advisable to record at a low bit rate or to reduce the sensitivity of the G-sensor. The result is that you can record in parking mode for much longer.

The time to buy a dashcam!

While dashcams are often purchased in the summer to be used during a driving holiday, autumn and winter are the most important seasons to have a dashcam. Due to rain and slippery conditions, more accidents occur in Europe in autumn and winter. Always useful if you have a dashcam on your windshield at that moment. So hit the road safely this fall with a VIOFO dashcam!

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VIOFO Benelux

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